Mikael Karlsson mikael.karlsson@REDACTED
Mon May 24 10:52:44 CEST 2004

If you look at some of the ErlGuten examples
you can see that Joe is using a "galleys" concept.
A template to define the layout, and another
xml file containing the text to be laid out on the
pages. I think this separation is good.

Last time I discussed ErlGuten with Joe he mentioned
he would like to do a major rewrite of the layout part.
I beleive he has been a bit busy with other things
(like doctors thesis, X11 support, UBF etc. :)

I have also been resting a bit from ErlGuten, though I have
 added JPEG image support and are working on the Fomrs
 part of PDF.

The pdml stuff looks interesting. The xml instructions for 
generating drawings etc.and since it seems much simpler 
than xsl-fo.

I would like to use the module xmerl_xs (available in xmerl vsn 
0.19) for generating online html and PDF documents for printing 
together with Yaws and ErlGuten. PDML seems like a practical
 option to proceed. But the galley concept is something that I 
think you should keep in ErlGuten.

Another extension for ErlGuten would maybe to have different 
backends so that you could generate both PDF and SVG.


lördag 22 maj 2004 03:40 skrev bry@REDACTED:
> A propos the erlguten pdf stuff.
> One, have you(Joe and whoever else is on the
> project) considered doing xsl-fo support?
> Two, if not maybe might want to look at
> it struck me as
> an idea to base erlguten on pdml and then
> allow extensions to do more advanced stuff.
> Basically i was thinking that might be an
> idea given PDML being implemented in php,
> and YAWS support for php. one of the hotter
> areas for pdf generation being online print
> on demand generation.

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