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On Wed, 30 Jun 2004, Carsten Schultz wrote:

> Hi,
> I just noticed that a problem I thought had gone away is still there.
> In November 2003, Alexey Shchepin reported
> ( 
> | * ssl:accept locks when when one TCP connection is established, but
> |   SSL handshake is not finished.  E.g. if Yaws is listen for SSL
> |   connections on port 443 and someone runs "telnet this.server 443"
> |   (note that this is not SSL-enabled telnet), then noone will be
> |   able to retreive web pages via this port until this connection
> |   will be closed.
> Has anything happened in this regard?

In Nov 3, 2003 in response to Alexey's question I wrote:

	In Erlang/OTP SSL you can have several processes, each waiting for
	an ssl:accept/N on one and the the same port. That is needed to
	obtain acceptable (no pun intended) parallellism. 

	That it not practically possible with gen_tcp:accept/N (if you try
	it you will get an error return). I think gen_tcp should accept
	multiple accepts as well. 

That is, if you have the very simple approach with only one process
calling ssl:accept/1 in series, you will get the behaviour described. 

What you should do is to have several processes in parallel waiting for
the result of calling ssl:accept/1 (and spawning a new process when a
return is obtained).

Also, to avoid an indefinite wait for an accept call, and thus avoid
that a file descriptor will never be returned, you should use
ssl:accept/2 with timeout. 


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> Carsten
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