Did Erlang borrow from Ada?

Tony Rogvall <>
Thu Jun 24 17:34:17 CEST 2004

torsdagen den 24 juni 2004 kl 16.59 skrev James Hague:

>> Whereas in Prolog there is only one algorithm
>> and it is built in to the Prolog runtime engine.
>> Prolog is a giant search engine and your program
>> is the database.  You run the program by asking
>> Prolog a question about its facts.
> That's not really true.  You can write algorthims in Prolog just like
> Erlang.
Yes, but then why use Prolog ?

I have seen Prolog programs written by "Algol" programmers, they tend to
put in cuts in the code until the backtracking stops :-)


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