Did Erlang borrow from Ada?

Eric Newhuis enewhuis@REDACTED
Thu Jun 24 16:12:59 CEST 2004

Did Erlang borrow from Ada?

Hm.  I am not sure.  I've CC'd this question to the Erlang mailing 
lists to see if Joe Armstrong might comment.  Unencumbered by facts, 
however, I will offer the following opinion.

I don't see anything in Erlang that resembles Ada programming 
constructs.  But the concurrency is there.

I think no especially if you are comparing the grammars.  Erlang 
derived from Prolog and then got rid of most of what Prolog does at 
runtime.  So the code tends to look like Prolog but has a completely 
different meaning.  But because of this there is a lot of Erlang code 
that looks declarative--just long lists of "facts" and "rules" instead 
of algorithms.  However there are plenty of algorithms expressed in 
Erlang.  (Whereas in Prolog there is only one algorithm and it is built 
in to the Prolog runtime engine.  Prolog is a giant search engine and 
your program is the database.  You run the program by asking Prolog a 
question about its facts.  Erlang is nothing like that at all.  Not 
even close.  But the grammar looks the same.)


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