FP as far away as ever from the mainstream......

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Erlang isn't the only one.

The K language (and KSQL) is functional (not pure) and making inroads 
in many financial institutions that deal with very large time-series 
data sets in time-critical applications.


K actually made the O'Reilly language poster.

On Jun 21, 2004, at 7:39 AM, Mike Williams wrote:

> See the article below about ICFP 2004. It seems that Functional 
> Programming
> is as far away as ever from mainstream usage. In fact it still seems 
> that
> Erlang is the only functional language which is making *any* headway
> in industrial / commercial applications. And the FP purists don't like
> us because Erlang isn't strongly typed and totally "pure".
> In retrospect we made a great mistake in promoting Erlang as an FP.
> Joe's idea of "concurrency oriented" languages would have made better
> sense.....
> /mike
> ------ Forwarded Article 
> <Pine.LNX.4.44.0406172349130.5864-100000@REDACTED>
> ------ From Kathleen Fisher <kfisher@REDACTED>
> I am pleased to announce that the following papers have been accepted
> for ICFP 2004 (http://www.cs.indiana.edu/icfp04/).  In addition, Paul
> Graham, John Launchbury, and Ulf Wiger have graciously agreed to give
> invited talks. The final program will be available from the web site
> mid-July.
> Kathleen Fisher
> ***********************************************************
> Slideshow: Functional Presentations
> Robert Bruce Findler and Matthew Flatt
> Functional Morphology
> Markus Forsberg and Aarne Ranta
> Types for Path Correctness for XML Queries
> Dario Colazzo, Giorgio Ghelli, Paolo Mangh,  and Carlo Sartiani
> Regular Expression Patterns
> Niklas Broberg,  Andreas Farre, and Josef Svenningsson,
> Multi-return function call
> Olin Shivers and David Fisher
> Implementing Functional Logic Languages Using Multiple Threads and
> Stores
> Andrew Tolmach, Sergio Antoy, and Marius Nita
> Generics for the masses
> Ralf Hinze
> Scrap more boilerplate: reflection, zips, and generalised casts
> Ralf Laemmel and Simon Peyton Jones
> Making a fast curry: Push/enter vs eval/apply for higher-order 
> languages
> Simon Marlow and Simon Peyton Jones
> Improving Static Analysis via Partial Evaluation for Embedded Languages
> David Herman and Philippe Meunier
> Searching for Deadlocks while Debugging Concurrent Haskell Programs
> Jan Christiansen and Frank Huch
> A Nanopass Infrastructure for Compiler Education
> Dipanwita Sarkar, Oscar Waddell, and R. Kent Dybvig
> Monadic Regions
> Matthew Fluet and Greg Morrisett
> Translating Dependency into Parametricity
> Stephen Tse and Steve Zdancewic
> A Type-Theoretic Foundation of Continuations and Prompts
> Zena Ariola, Hugo Herbelin, and Amr Sabry,
> Relating Models of Backtracking
> Mitchell Wand and Dale Vaillancourt
> Types, potency, and impotency: Why nonlinearity and amnesia make a type
> system work
> Peter Møller Neergaard and Harry Mairson
> Numbering Matters: First Order Canonical Forms for Second-Order
> Recursive Types
> Nadji Gauthier and François Pottier
> Process Logic and Duality
> Kohei Honda
> Verification of Safety Properties for Concurrent Assembly Code
> Dachuan Yu and Zhong Shao
> A Sound (and Complete) Model for Contracts
> Matthias Blume and David McAllester
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> ------ End of Forwarded Article
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