start_link and death of parent

Fredrik Linder fredrik.linder@REDACTED
Thu Jun 17 17:53:22 CEST 2004

Hello OTP Folks

I get this very strange behaviour from otp-r9c-0 built on redhat-8 or redhat-9 (not 100% sure which).

Is this a known problem in r9c-0, and if so is it corrected in r9c-1?

(traffic@REDACTED)265> whereis(d).
(traffic@REDACTED)266> l(d).
(traffic@REDACTED)267> P=spawn(fun()->io:format("result: ~w~n", [catch d:start_link()]) end).
result: {ok,<1308.2282.0>}
(traffic@REDACTED)268> erlang:is_process_alive(P).
(traffic@REDACTED)269> whereis(d).
(traffic@REDACTED)270> erlang:is_process_alive(whereis(d)).
(traffic@REDACTED)271> exit(whereis(d),kill).
(traffic@REDACTED)272> whereis(d).

Shouldn't <1308.2282.0> die when <1308.2281.0> dies.

The 'd' module is just the emacs skeleton for gen_server in of r9c-0 with -define(SERVER, ?MODULE).

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