OT: code evaluation as nodes on a graph

bry <>
Tue Jun 15 15:49:15 CEST 2004

This is off-topic but I thought someone might have some ideas here, if not here
point me to a good place for reading:

I have a little project I did a while back of a multiple language evaluation
environment, handled javascript, vbscript, python in the same environment, so
that I could declare a variable in python to take the value of a variable in
javascript, okay so far not very interesting, but last night I realized a way
that I could take evaluation of programs written in the language and change the
order by layering them on top of different evaluation models (this is relatively
easy to do because of the way I have set things up), the idea I had especially
was layering them on top of graphs of how the program should evaluate; so for

node n0: jscript code here
node n1: jscript code here
node n2: python code
edge e0: from n0 to n2
edge e1: from n1 to n2

So that n0 code would be evaluated then the edge e0 would go to n2,
the problem of course is that I don't have my own controllable scripting
implementations, I am instead relying on various ActiveScripting
in the example above n1 to n2 wouldn't be evaluated, if we assume that n0 is the
entry point for the graph. 

But in with these edges:

edge e0: from n0 to n2
edge e1: from n0 to n1

n0 could be evaluated, then n2 (which makes use of some of the variables etc.
set by n0) and then n1, since these languages are not functional ones the chance
of side effects increases. 

okay, I suppose this might sound somewhat stupid, but if anyone has any ideas
I'd be interested. Also if you can think of other models of evaluation that
could be interesting. 

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