online web stats

Ulf Wiger (AL/EAB) <>
Tue Jun 15 11:36:56 CEST 2004

I checked out the online demo of the SourceForge Project of the Month:

It seems like this would be reasonably easy to implement for INETS and YAWS.

(I'm not going to do it, but though somebody else might...  ;-)

The way to achieve the bar graphs was cute:

  <img align="bottom" src="/icon/other/vv.png" height="52" width="4" 
   alt='Number of visits: 1943' title='Number of visits: 1943' />
  <img align="bottom" src="/icon/other/vp.png" height="48" width="4" 
   alt='Pages: 2735' title='Pages: 2735' />
  <img align="bottom" src="/icon/other/vh.png" height="48" width="4" 
   alt='Hits: 2735' title='Hits: 2735' />
  <img align="bottom" src="/icon/other/vk.png" height="47" width="4" 
   alt='Bandwidth: 89.69 MB' title='Bandwidth: 89.69 MB' />



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