is_function vs tuples (functions in non-local modules)

David N. Welton davidw@REDACTED
Mon Jun 14 12:42:50 CEST 2004

Carsten Schultz wrote:

>>I would guess that no-one uses it in new code except to make that point 
>>that they can..

> I would not be too sure about that.  As long as there is no nice
> syntactic short cut for 
>     fun (X,Y,Z) -> foo:bar(X,Y,Z) end
> (`fun foo:bar/3' would come to mind) I find it plausible that someone
> writes {foo,bar} for that.  

Yes, that's the problem I encountered.  It surprised me that foo/3 
worked, but mod:foo/3 didn't.

David N. Welton

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