ODBC 2.0 drop in performance

Laura M. Castro Souto laura@REDACTED
Thu Jun 10 16:51:23 CEST 2004

Ingela Anderton wrote:
> How much is a "rather high" performance drop? You could always try to
> run it in a very clean environment to try to eliminate other factors
> such as high network load etc..

   In fact, we have tested exactly the same configuration of our
application with both Erlang-R9C-0 and Erlang-R9C-1. To be able to have
a measure of this performance drop we have massively populated our
database in these environments and the difference is about 5 times.
Besides, this behaviour shows not only on write but on read queries as
well. The network load is not critical, because we obtain the same
results if we have server, database and client running on the same

   Of course we could go back to Erlang-R9C-0, but we are aware of the
memory management problems on ODBC 1.8, since we have dealed with the C
code and fixed some minnor bugs. These seem to have been removed with
the new implementation, so it would be better for us to use the new and
corrected ODBC release.

   By the way, we guessed we have found some little mistakes in the C
source code driver Makefile (dissabled optimizations, debugging options
enabled, etc), but they are not the reason for the performance drop.

   Any help would be very welcome :-). Thank you!

         Laura M. Castro

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