ErlCee++ (and starting remopte erlang nodes)

Shawn Pearce spearce@REDACTED
Wed Jun 9 04:43:24 CEST 2004

One day I was looking at PVM as a way to build a multithreaded
application that I wanted to make roughly cross platform and able to
be hooked to lots of other langauges; etc.

I asked Mr. Alta Vista, as the Google Guys were still in school learning
how to do whatever it is they do...

and up came!

Joe Armstrong <joe@REDACTED> wrote:
> > I'd really like to see an Erlang-like runtime system built on Unix
> > processes. How far towards the Erlang programming style could it be
> > pushed? Wouldn't it be fun to be able to write "Erlang" processes in
> > any language and mix 'em all together?
> Well one way to do this might be to use PVM.
> <aside>
>   The  other day  I awoke  with the  thought "It's  all  about message
> passing".
>   Q: How do we write distributed stuff?
>   A: Send asynchronous messages - you'll never know if they arrive
>      if you *must* know - send a reply
>   Note no shared anything :-) - easy to understand etc
>   How can I do this in a  big network with firewalls etc. Can A send a
> message to B if A and B are *both* behind firewalls etc. (yes send via
> a proxy C - but both A and B must have agreed to communicate via some
> proxy)
>   I   asked  my  old   friend  Mr.   Google  about   "message  passing
> infrastructures" and he told me about PVM ...
> </aside>


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