BUG report: py_interface-0.9

Tue Jun 8 18:11:20 CEST 2004

Attached a short change to py_interface-0.9 (erl_term.py) ..., seems also to be
applicable to 0.91.

A list, when transmitted as an erl term, has (may have?) a [] element at the
end, which py_interface wasn't expecting.

Not sure if this is a recent erlang change or what, but the following
modification to erl_term.py seems to fix things up nicely.


PS: I've got to say that py_interface is seriously cool bananas!

Once it works sweetly the next step is to use it to have erlang talk to
wxWindows/wxWidgets, via wxPython.
As far as I can see it should even be possible to arrange some introspection so
that we can dynamically determine what wx classes/methods are available (to save
the otherwise painful building of millions of different widget interfaces).
(See attached file: erl_term_patch.txt)
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