Shawn Pearce spearce@REDACTED
Wed Jun 2 03:24:44 CEST 2004

Scott Lystig Fritchie <fritchie@REDACTED> wrote:
> I don't know if this would actually help, but I'm working with folks
> who have written a *lot* of software in C++ with the State Threads
> library over at SourceForge.  It works as advertised, is as about as
> "light" as advertised, and is industrial strength.  Even if it's
> running on Linux.

I just took a look at it.  Unfortunately for me it looks like pthreads
and state threads don't play nice together in the same process.  We
will definately need some code which is fully preemtable and in a
pthread.  But in an Erlang solution I would have up that code in its
own UNIX process and used a port to connect to it, so perhaps the
same could be done.

Thanks for the pointer.

> Good luck with the selective receive.  In idle flights of fancy, I've
> wondered about gluing selective receive into Python.  Good luck, and
> keep up posted with an forthcoming breakthroughs.

Does the emacs LISP code for Erlang have selective receive?  I'm
just wondering if there's any other "mainstream" langauge that actually
has selective receive nicely worked into the environment.  I've come
down to the simple fact that I might actually have to use a preprocessor
(at least as powerful as m4) to get a nice source structure.

*grr*  Why can't I just get them to use Erlang?

Of course, we're now starting the debate about why messaging and private
heap data in a concurrent environment is a better way to develop than
the lets-share-everything-and-pray method used by most pthread


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