Windows R9C-2 bug: Eshell background color change doesn't stick

James Hague <>
Thu Jul 29 16:52:37 CEST 2004

1. Start up werl.
2. Change the background color.
3. Quit.
4. Start werl again.
5. The color is back to the default of white.

I've had similar problems with different versions of Erlang under Windows.
Sometimes I font changes stick, sometimes they don't.  Sometimes color
changes stick, sometimes they don't.  I've had the same problems on
different machines running different versions of Windows (XP, 2000, ME).

Small feature request: *Please* also save the current window position and
size between sessions.  I can force it to a preset position with a 4NT

start/pos=320,200,640,480 d:\erlang\bin\werl.exe

but this should be standard behavior.  BTW, if you dislike the registry for
this kind of thing, it's modern practice to put such settings into the
"Documents & Settings folder\x" where x is the current user.  The
USERPROFILE environment variable points to the right folder under recent
versions of Windows.

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