The Great Computer Language Shootout is back

Isaac Gouy <>
Wed Jul 28 21:01:03 CEST 2004

This bit of advice from Luke helped me figure-out my dumb mistake 

> bring up an Erlang shell and do 'm(wc).'

I had cut/pasted Mark's code into an existing file, without changing
the module name... which is why it couldn't find it!

=ERROR REPORT==== 28-Jul-2004::18:02:41 ===
beam/beam_load.c(908): Error loading module wc:
  module name in object code is hello

Sorry, very sorry, very very sorry ...

erlang_shootout # time erl -noshell -run wc start < input.txt
50000 274000 12192000

real    0m3.168s
user    0m2.930s
sys     0m0.240s

Looks good!

Thank you all, Isaac

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