Mark Scandariato mscandar@REDACTED
Sat Jul 17 02:36:32 CEST 2004

Whatever happend with ermake? In
Mickaël Rémond mentioned something about a version 3.

Any news? or is 2.0 still the way to go?

I just hacked up this makefile - it gets you 80% there or so. You have to make 
your .app and .rel files by hand and you can't give systools:make_tar any 
options (at least I couldn't figure out how to), but if you keep everything in 
the same directory (along with a priv directory) the tar file is as advertised 
in the docs (with ebin and priv dirs).


APP = YourApplicationNameHere

EINC   = ../include
EFLAGS = report, debug_info, warn_unused_vars, warn_unsafe_vars

BOOT    = $(APP).boot
RELEASE = $(APP).tar.gz

	erlc $<

%.tar.gz: boot
	erl -noinput -run systools make_tar $* -run init stop

.PHONY: beams
# this is faster than letting make run erlc on each file
beams: Emakefile
	@erl -make

Emakefile: Makefile
	echo \{\'\*\', \[\{i, \"$(EINC)\"\}, $(EFLAGS)\]\}\. > $@

.PHONY: boot
boot: beams $(BOOT)

.PHONY: kit
kit: $(RELEASE)

.PHONY: clean
	-rm -f *.beam $(BOOT) $(RELEASE) *.script

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