Per process memory limits?

Thomas Lindgren <>
Thu Jul 15 23:56:08 CEST 2004

--- Vance Shipley <> wrote:
> Why is it that we don't have a way of establishing a
> limit on
> the size of a process's heap?  It is all too easy to
> run out
> of memory and crash the whole VM. 
> Is there a fundamental reason why we can't just set
> a limit on
> a processes heap size and crash the process when it
> is exceeeded?

Probably no fundamental reason, though there are some
subtleties. (E.g., should the process be permitted to
GC when it runs out? If so, how many times? How do we
estimate size in a shared heap? Should we?)

When I worried about similar issues, Per Bergqvist
gave me the good advice to use more nodes. Perhaps
that can help in your case too?


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