ASN.1 help please

Nigel.Head <>
Thu Jan 8 15:13:25 CET 2004

I'm attempting to compile a largeish chunk of an ASN.1 spec and am running into
problems. The spec apparently compiles OK with other compilers (although I don't
have any around to prove this to myself, so it's only hearsay).

I've managed to reproduce the problem with a toy source file; as I'm an ASN.1
utter beginner I'd appreciate help as to what is wrong with this so that I can
make the corrections to the real thing (which is a bit large to bother you all
with !!).

=================== source file =================


Thing ::= INTEGER
{    fred (0)
,    fred2     (1)
,    fred3     (2)

AnotherThing ::= Thing
(    fred
|    fred2


=================== error message ==============

()5> asn1ct:compile('TEST').
Erlang ASN.1 version "1.4.2" compiling "TEST.asn1"
Compiler Options: []
asn1error:10:'TEST':'AnotherThing' {asn1,{undefined_type_or_value,fred}}


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