rb:show/1 problem

UAB L/K Peter Andersson peppe@REDACTED
Wed Dec 29 12:42:53 CET 2004

Hi Jimmy,

Sorry. We didn't have time to get this fixed for R10B-2. Had to
prioritize other things. I should have time to look at it shortly. I'll
let you know.

BTW. The fact that you get "A report on bad form..." first time around
might indicate there's a problem with your source log. Will you send it
to me? This might also help me find out why you can't run rb again.



Jimmy Olgeni wrote:
> [reposting - looks like it got lost somewhere]
> Hi,
> I still get the rb:show/1 problems with R10B-2: when called twice, it
> displays "rb: ERROR! A report on bad form was encountered. It can not
> be printed to the log.", then the details field, then "rb: Can not
> reopen standard_io. Logging aborted.".
> Does anybody have a patch to fix this? :)
> --
> jimmy

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