unknown_catch_try_state under R10B-2

Björn Bylander <>
Mon Dec 27 21:48:21 CET 2004

I get the following output from make:all([load]) with R10B-2 under 
Windows. The module (admctrl_srv.erl) compiles fine under R9C-2, R9C-1 
and R9C-0. I haven't tried other R10 releases.

Recompile: admctrl_srv
admctrl_srv: function handle_info/2+2032:
   Internal consistency check failed - please report this bug.
   Instruction: {'%live',1}
   Error:       unknown_catch_try_state:

./Admctrl_srv.erl:103: Warning: variable 'From' is unused

Apart from the obvious bug I find the first warning message odd in that 
the 'a' in the module file name is an upper case 'a' and not a lower 
case 'a' as it actually is and also is written in the warnings following 

Is there any info in the error message about the row on which this 
occurs or do I have to try locate the row some other way?

/Björn Bylander

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