Windows: What's the proper way to run without a console?

James Hague jamesh@REDACTED
Thu Dec 23 22:59:05 CET 2004

There are three command-line switches:

-noshell: means boot up, but don't start an interactive top-level
-noinput: not sure what this means
-detached: means run without standard input or output (this is just like
running werl normally, except that there's no visible indication that it's

There's also an environment variable, ERL_CONSOLE_MODE, which can be set to
"window" or "tty:something". (What does the latter of these *do* under

Now there's also the issue of when the Erlang GUI application shows up.
"-noshell" still causes it to be visible, which doesn't seem like the
correct behavior (or maybe it is; maybe it's where standard output goes by
default?).  I tracked through the code and, yes, the GUI console is still
initialized when -noshell is specified.  Bug?  If so, I haven't had any luck
fixing it!

Could someone enlighten me about how all these switches and ERL_CONSOLE_MODE
are supposed to work?


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