Bug? in error_handler:unregistered_name/3

Joe Armstrong (AL/EAB) <>
Mon Dec 20 13:10:38 CET 2004

What's happened to error_handler:unregistered_name/3

According to page 101 of the Erlang book if I make a module (say my_error_handler) 
which exports unregistered_name(Name, Pid, Msg)

If then in some process (Pid) I call

	process_flag(error_handler, my_error_handler)
	abc ! foo

Then the standard error handler will be replaced by my_error handler
and if abc is not a registered process then

	my_error_handler:unregistered_name(abc, Pid, foo)

will be called.

This does not seem to work at all.

What's happened here?


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