Dialyzer v1.2.0

Tobias Lindahl tobias.lindahl@REDACTED
Thu Dec 16 10:53:28 CET 2004

Once again we are proud to announce a new release of Dialyzer.

Dialyzer v1.2.0 is available for download at:


Version 1.2.0 requires Erlang/OTP R10B-2 to work properly. The main new
feature is that Dialyzer now works on all platforms (no HiPE support is

At the end of this message are additional release notes. We are greatful
for the feedback we have received, including new contributions and
suggestions for improvement.

Have fun!

Tobias Lindahl and Kostis Sagonas

Version 1.2.0
 - Dialyzer works with the open source and commercial versions of
   R10B-2 on all platforms (i.e., HiPE support is not a prerequisite
 - Whenever a .beam file contains abstract code (i.e., has been compiled
   with the +debug_info option), the analysis starts from this code rather
   than from BEAM bytecode -- this makes the results identical to those
   obtained by analysis starting from source code.
   (This is a contribution from Bjorn Gustavsson - Thanks!)
 - Added -pa command line option for easier handling of -include_lib()
   directives in source code.
 - Includes all changes added in v1.1.1; see below.  The "Add Recursively"
   functionality is also available in the command-line mode (-r option).

Version 1.1.1 (internal, not released to the masses :-)
 - The command-line mode of Dialyzer spits discrepancies in stdout
   by default and returns a numeric value indicating its exit status.
 - Fixed problems using the shell script on Solaris machines.
 - Fixed small inconsistencies in Dialyzer's documentation and help.
 - Added "Add Recursively" button contributed by Martin Bjorklund

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