Crash in calendar:local_time_to_universal_time_dst/1

Administratör <>
Wed Dec 15 13:51:00 CET 2004

I'm currently working with the 'calendar' OTP module, to handle dates  
and time values of the iCal (RFC 2445) / CPL standards (RFC 3880).

A call  
crashes on my Mac but not on a RedHat Linux machine I tested on.
The return value expected is = [] - assuming that both use DST  
(Daylight Saving Time) according to the current EU standard.
This works on the Linux machine, but not the Mac, other legal dates  
like 2004-03-28 01:59:59 and 2004-03-28 03:00:00 work without problems  
and return the expected results.

The crash:

MacOSX 10.3.6

95> calendar:local_time_to_universal_time_dst({{2004,3,28},{2,0,0}}).

=ERROR REPORT==== 15-Dec-2004::13:22:41 ===
Error in process <0.85.0> with exit value:  

** exited: {badarg,[{erlang,universaltime_to_localtime,
                     {shell,eval_loop,3}]} **

Red Hat Linux release 7.3

1> calendar:local_time_to_universal_time_dst({{2004,3,28},{2,0,0}}).

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