EI libray -> how does creation number work?

Héctor Rivas Gándara <>
Tue Dec 14 13:29:41 CET 2004

The EI library defines a creation number for the c-nodes published in EPMD, in 
order to prevent the C node from receive messages sent to an earlier c-node 
with the same registered name. 

This creation number can be specified by the user in the  ei_connect_init 
functions, but the description of this function says:

"A C node acting as a server will be assigned a creation number when it calls 

but ei_publish() does not return any creation number, and if you read the 
EI-library source code (at /lib/erl_interface/src/epmd/empd_publish.c 
function ei_epmd_r4_publish) the user defined creation number is not send to 
EPMD, but EPMD sends a new creation number that is ignored.

So, How does the creation number work? Has it any use?

Saludos ;)

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