choosing distributed comm ports

Michael McDaniel erlang@REDACTED
Fri Dec 10 22:35:34 CET 2004

Thank you for Erlang, and thank you for the educational reading on this

I have some Erlang nodes (R10B-1a) that use SSL for distributed
communications (configured and working per the excellent
otp_doc_html_R10B-1a.tar.gz documentation).  The following refers to SSL
enabled node communications.

I have some remote firewalled computers providing net services.  I want to
install Erlang nodes on those computers for remote monitoring and control.

I have noticed that the ports used when my nodes communicate are not always
the same (not a surprise).  I would like to have known fixed ports so that
I can open those specific ports on the various firewalls where my Erlang
nodes will be installed.

I do not want to write custom port communications applications to do port 
control.  Rather, I want to use the common distributed functions and semantics
(auth:node_cookie(), spawn(), monitor(), receive,  A ! {msg,[]},  etc.).

Is there an easy way (and what is it) to force specific ports to be used 
during distributed communications when using the common distributed
functions and semantics?

If the answer is located in the documentation, please point me to it.  I
have not (yet?) found it.

thank you,

Michael McDaniel
Portland, Oregon, USA

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