Erlang support in Apple's XCode IDE

Vance Shipley <>
Mon Aug 30 10:39:53 CEST 2004


For some reason I missed your response.  My manual spam filtering
with the 'D' key sometimes hits the innocent.  :)

Yes, my work was done on the hot off the presses Xcode v1.5.

I see that I made an error in that post as well.  The file extension
was wrong in this line:

} Specifications/Erlang Language Specification.pbfilespec:

It should have been:

   Specifications/Erlang Language Specification.pblangspec

Hopefully that will show up for future googlers.  :)


On 18 Aug 2004 Bjorn Gustavsson <> wrote:
}  Have you tried the new XCode 1.5 that was released recently?
}  I have tried it myself, but if you are lucky some bugs might have
}  been fixed.
}  /Bjorn

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