Clusters replying from same IP address without a NAT?

Ulf Wiger (AL/EAB) <>
Wed Aug 18 17:26:09 CEST 2004

Sounds like you should be able to do it with VLANs (Virtual LANs).
Solaris, you say?
The following section of the Solaris docs had a fairly good description of VLANs and how they are configured: <> &a=view
For Linux, a good place to start looking might be <> 

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Subject: Clusters replying from same IP address without a NAT?

A slightly off the topic question...
Anyone familiar with the possibility to have a second "hidden"
IP address associated with a physical network interface in
Solaris style UNICIES. Hidden in the sence that it does not
answer ARP questions, in order to not confuse routers since I
plan to have several such hidden interfaces on the same network
with the same IP address.
What is my problem?
I want to build a cluster of CPUs running Erlang. Every CPU has
at least one own physical network connection with a "world-wide"
known IP address. One CPU is leader and receives UDP packets.
Other computers in the world knows the IP address of the leader.
The leader load balances by relaying incoming messages using
distributed Erlang. The CPU "who" gets the "job" eventually
replies to the original client. The reply must look like it came
from the IP address of the leader.
I can not hide the cluster behind a NAT since the individual CPUs
must be accessible too, by their own IP addresses.
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