Jungerl archive (was: RE: poll: legacy contributions)

Thomas.Herchenroeder <>
Wed Aug 18 14:23:18 CEST 2004

> My web stuff was just dead because of a recent server crash. Now I've
> moved it from www.bluetail.com to fresh.homeunix.net. (Anyone know an
> easy way to configure apache on www.bluetail.com to do a redirect?)

My apache days are awhile back, but I believe, the "Redirect" directive
will do the job:

Redirect  permanent  /^luke/    http://fresh.homeunix.net/~luke/

You could consider mod_rewrite, if you like more fancy stuff. Should be
something like:

<Location />
 <... some stuff ...>

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^/~luke/(.*)$       http://fresh.homeunix.net/~luke/$1 [R,


> You can now download a daily snapshot of the Jungerl contents at
> http://fresh.homeunix.net/~luke/misc/erlang/jungerl-snapshot.tar.gz
> (I'm surprised Sourceforge don't seem to have this builtin.)

Great. (I believe you have to "release" something before Sourceforge
offers it).

> The 'psocket' program in Jungerl is similar to tuntap. It uses a
> PF_PACKET socket to read/write to existing network devices and it can
> be slightly easier to setup for some uses. It includes a small
> ethernet hub as an example program (hub.erl).

Ok, I will look at that too.


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