poll: legacy contributions

Luke Gorrie <>
Tue Aug 17 17:06:19 CEST 2004

<> writes:

> An example: Since quite a while I'm thinking about the possiblity to
> write a firewall system in Erlang. Not that I could really do it, but
> I'm thinking about it. And I searched the Web for code that one could
> build upon. The topic came up on erlang-questions in 2001, and Luke
> Gorrie provided a link to an Erlang "tunnel device" he once had written.
> Well, that link is dead, and I dont know if I will ever find this tunnel
> device anymore. Maybe the author has lost interest in the code entirely.
> But I _am_ interested, even years later.

I know Martin's already pointed out the Jungerl, so just a few extra

My web stuff was just dead because of a recent server crash. Now I've
moved it from www.bluetail.com to fresh.homeunix.net. (Anyone know an
easy way to configure apache on www.bluetail.com to do a redirect?)

You can now download a daily snapshot of the Jungerl contents at
(I'm surprised Sourceforge don't seem to have this builtin.)

The 'psocket' program in Jungerl is similar to tuntap. It uses a
PF_PACKET socket to read/write to existing network devices and it can
be slightly easier to setup for some uses. It includes a small
ethernet hub as an example program (hub.erl).


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