AW: Hello (Erlang) World!

Bengt Kleberg <>
Mon Aug 16 17:42:30 CEST 2004

Rick Pettit wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 16, 2004 at 03:14:45PM +0200, Ulf Wiger (AL/EAB) wrote:
>>In general, I think the big problem with build tools is to find a
>>good set of default options that suit the vast majority of people.
>>Almost every detail needs to be configurable, but you should be 
>>able to get off the ground with a minimum of fuzz. This is quite
>>difficult to achieve. Good documentation and tutorials help, of 
>>course, and 'builder' lacks those, I'm afraid.
> This is another reason autotools has worked so well for us. You can build
> most anything by simply running:

perhaps the build tool problem is really 2 problems:
	1 creating the ''configure'' script
	2 running the ''configure'' script

while i have had very little problems with 2 above, i have never liked 
autotools when doing 1. this could be due to my lack of experience. 
however, i have added ''rules'' to other build tools, and i found that 
to be much easier.


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