AW: Hello (Erlang) World!

Thomas.Herchenroeder <>
Sun Aug 15 10:39:37 CEST 2004

>   erl -noshell -run hello run -run erlang halt

Ah, yes. I had been playing with something like '-run kernel halt'. 

Now the process terminates on my Windows Erlang 5.0.2, but doesn't print anything! (I had to replace the -run flag with the older -s flag). It works as expected on the Linux Erlang I guess I have to upgrade my Windows version :-).


Now this is interesting! I looked through the Erlang book, the "Erlang Extensions since 4.4" and the most current "Erlang Reference Manual version 5.3" - no mentioning of packages. Is this something like a (nearly) "undocumented feature"?
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