SNMP stuff

Dietmar Schäfer <>
Thu Aug 12 14:12:09 CEST 2004

Hi !

Some (much) more questions concerning SNMP and Erlang.

I have a MIB (V1) containing a variable mibversion  type DisplayString

I made a mnesia table


I wrote a .funcs file

And I wrote an instrumentation function instrumentation.erl

   mibversion(get) ->
	Version = "Version-0-1",

just to see what happens.

So, if I got it right  any snmp-get-request causes a call to 
instrumenation:mibversion(get)  ????

Yes ! (?)

The valid return value for such an instrumentation function would be

{value,"Version-1.0") for example ??

So, instead of asking the database I should be able to it as i did ??

But why do I get :

User error: Got
{'EXIT',{undef,[{instrumentation,mibversion,[get]},{snmp_agent,try_get_instance,2},{snmp_agent,next_loop_varbinds,5},{snmp_agent,process_pdu,4},{snmp_agent,handle_pdu,7},{snmp_agent,handle_info,2},{gen_server,handle_msg,6},{proc_lib,init_p,5}]}} from {instrumentation,mibversion,[]}. ({asn1_type,'INTEGER',undefined,undefined,[{enums,[{inactive,2},{active,1}]}],true,'INTEGER',false}) Using genErr

How would such an instrumenation function look like if i use a database
query ?

Can I use Mnemosyne ?

Any moer hints about SNMP under Erlang would be appreciated !

Thanks in advance !


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