Erlang hints from an CO junkie

Thomas Lindgren <>
Wed Aug 11 21:18:04 CEST 2004

--- Vlad Balin <> wrote:
> Not only the functional language, but very _slow_
> functional language,
> with boxed computations and dynamic typing. Also, it
> should be unsafe
> since it's not easy to check types at compile stage.

Oh ho, a bit of trolling! Well, I'll bite.

Erlang seems plenty fast enough for me, for most
practical purposes. It even unboxes some computations
(have a look at the innards of HIPE).  So ... on what
do you base your opinion?

And safety? "Strong types are for weak minds." :-)
Well, at least you ought to know that dynamic typing
has shown itself to be a very safe and successful
practice. Read Ulf Wiger's paper, for instance.
"Four-fold increase in productivity and quality ..."

Sorry Vlad. That dawg won't hunt.


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