records in text files or configuration

Luke Gorrie <>
Fri Aug 6 12:37:05 CEST 2004

Fredrik Thulin <> writes:

> Yes, I had thought about using XML for this. I'm not sure if we would 
> want to introduce a dependency for something that has to be installed 
> separately in our project (Yxa SIP-server/stack) at this point though. 

You could put your project into the Jungerl (
The whole idea of that is that we collect together a large body of
Erlang code (including xmlerl) into a single source tree so that it's
always available to other Jungerl-based code.

Alternatively you could distribute your app separately but have the
Jungerl as your one big dependency. e.g. the Jungerl includes a shell
script called 'jerl' which just starts up Erlang with the whole slow
of libraries added to the code path.

.. not that I want to be seen as promoting XML over Erlang-syntax
config files :-)


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