Erlang-SS7 implementation

Claes Wikström <>
Wed Aug 4 12:03:01 CEST 2004

2004-08-03 kl. 13.42 skrev Casper:

> Hi,
> I saw a discussion on Erlang SS7 implementation possibility in this 
> Mailing
> list some time back. It's been mentioned that Ericsson has started to 
> do an
> implementation but got sidetrack and vanished.
> Is there anybody who has done any work in SS7 area in Erlang? Is there 
> any
> development in any one of the SS7 layers?

We started on that many years ago, not ever with the intent of having a 
ss7 implementation. We choose ss7 to play with, while implementing the 
bit syntax
in erlang. We wanted to use the bit syntax on a really horrible 
protocol suite. SS7 is
such a suite :-)

Anyway, that ss7 implementattion (which was mtp3 and upwards) is gone
and forgotten.


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