Latest Erlang on Mac OS X Panther

Sean Hinde sean.hinde@REDACTED
Fri Oct 31 16:23:57 CET 2003

It appears to be failing to find the already compiled zlib included in 
the erts directory structure. This seems to suggest some weird error 
which causes zlib to be compiled in a way which the linker can't use, 
or some weird new compiler stufff in the final linking stage.

Very odd.


On Friday, October 31, 2003, at 02:33  pm, Micael Karlberg wrote:

> A google indicate that it's defined in zlib (zlib/zutil.h).
> /BMK
> Eric Newhuis writes:
>> Just to keep this thread alive I will say that no, this doesn't seem 
>> to
>> be the only problem.  I've not had time to investigate further mostly
>> due to my indulgence in attempting to get distel working on my Panther
>> Mac on R9B-0.
>> I do remember that there were some problems copying files during the
>> make.  And I do remember seeing another target complain about 
>> undefined
>> z_errmsg.  Perhaps if I knew what z_errmsg is I could take the next
>> step.  I suppose I shall have to look at the erts source.
>> I have no problem using the pre-built R9B-0 Mac OS/X release on
>> Panther.   I've been using it for a week now without any problems.
>> However I have not tried anything that invokes the GUI.
>>> Is that linking problem only for the Shared Heap emulator?
>>> In that case, a simply workaround would be to comment out
>>> the building of the Shared Heap emulator from the Makefile,
>>> as it is not critical for building the rest of OTP.
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