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Sorry about my previous reply, I should try to read emails more
carefully in the future. erlc is of course of no help to you,
either, as it can't be used to send the 'local' option to

/ Gunilla again

Jouni Ryno wrote:
> Hi
> Is there any hmm. elegant way to make a boot script in a Makefile, when
> it should get (at least) the local-parameter
> i.e. I'm looking for something like
> $ erl -run systools make_sript my_app local
> It somehow feels ugly to make a wrapper program for just
> 1> systools:make_script("my_app", [local])...
> Hmm. an erl-parameter option, which would be handled with string to term
> would be nice ...
> regards
>         Jouni
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> Jouni Ryno <Jouni.Ryno@REDACTED>
> Finnish Meteorological Institute

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