Erlang module for SWIG?

Vlad Dumitrescu vlad_dumitrescu@REDACTED
Tue Oct 28 10:42:59 CET 2003

From: "C.Reinke"
> while SWIG has its own interest, perhaps you might find the route
> useful that Daan Leijen has chosen for creating the Haskell binding
> to wxWindows:

Very interesting!

If I was to give this a shot, this is what I would do, FWIIW: create a wxWindows
standalone application that exposes all wxWindows functionality via a message
inteface and uses TCP to communicate with the extenal client(s).

Since the whole API is huge, this would need to make use of automatisation on a
large scale, both for the C/C++ side and for the Erlang one. Also, I think that
it would be good to try to make the interface as high-level as possible, to
minimize the amount of traffic.

Since there will have to be conversion of data between Erlang and C anyway, I
don't think that using a socket connection would be much slower than a port
program or a driver.

Just my 1 öre. Regards,

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