Language change proposal

Bengt Kleberg Bengt.Kleberg@REDACTED
Fri Oct 24 11:04:38 CEST 2003

Joe Armstrong wrote:
>    - A new version of the language turns up - with the 'try' statement.
>    - I write a program using 'try' and use the latest compiler
>    - I post my program to the net
>    - I get mail saying that my program is ****ed up because it
>      won't go through some old version of the compiler that was released
>      before version numbering was introduced.
> This has already happened to me on several occasions - I have sent people
> program that use binaries - only to find that they are using a 
> "pre-binaries" Erlang.


would it not be true to say that you have written atleast one program 
that have the opposite problem? using www_tools-1.0.tgz i had to update 
the tcp code to R7.

i would also like to thank you for this module since it made it possible 
to do what i wanted to do.


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