Re: Varför kan jag inte inte anropa A -- B -- C ?

Sven-Olof Nystr|m svenolof@REDACTED
Fri Oct 17 09:51:17 CEST 2003

Robert Virding writes:
 > Unfortunately you are all missing something, -- is a big joke. After
 > I had added the ++ syntax, it is just syntactic sugar really, I just had
 > to add -- as a joke. I was also planning to add ** and // but I
 > couldn't really come up with good list meanings so I dropped it.
 > That is why there is no really thought out semantics for --.
 > The operator associativity had to be the same as ++ though. Sometimes
 > I still get the feeling we should have done the same as Smalltalk.

Of course, this means that the minusminus operator is now part of the
language and must be supported in the future.

It is also difficult to understand your motivation for making the ++
operator right-associative. What prevents a compiler from implementing
(X ++ Y) ++ Z as "first concatenate Y and Z, then concatenate X with
the result"?


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