megaco_test_mg and megaco_test_mgc

Micael Karlberg micael.karlberg@REDACTED
Fri Oct 17 09:44:01 CEST 2003


Miguel Willigs writes:
 > Hi there
 > I have a problem triyng to run these test files.
 > I wrote the commands as follow:
 > In the MGC side:
 > erl -sname mgc
 > (mgc@REDACTED)1>megaco_test_mgc:start(node(),[{deviceName,"ctrl"}],[{text,tcp}],debug).

The Mid should (in this case) be: {deviceName,"ctrl"}
This causes the MGC to crash when attempting to encode the service 
change reply.

 > and in the MG side:
 > erl -sname mg
 > (mg@REDACTED)1> megaco_test_mg:start(node(), {deviceName,"mg"}, text, tcp,
 > debug).
 > No problem in this point, but when I am triyng to run
 > megaco_test_mg:service_change/1 in the mg side, I get the following error
 > message:
 > <0.37.0>:MG: loop(initiated) -> received request to perform service change
 > DBG: <0.37.0>:MG: loop(initiated) -> service change result: {error,
 >                                                                 {bad_megaco_conn_handle,
 >                                                                     {error,
 >                                                                         {megaco_tcp_connect,
 >                                                                             {gen_tcp_connect,
 >                                                                                 econnrefused}}}}}

Håkan has already relied to this.

 > Could somebody tell me what's wrong?
 > thanks in advance,


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