Erl Lounge London 28/5

Peter-Henry Mander erlang@REDACTED
Wed May 21 08:30:18 CEST 2003

Francesco, you make it sound as if we all sob into our expensive beers! 
It's also when and where Erlvangelists among the C++ heathen like myself 
find encouragement and a morale boost when I hear the success stories 
and tales of Erlang's technical supremacy.

No, actually it's a gas, and the more the merrier! (-:


Francesco Cesarini wrote:
> Sorry for using the list, but I wanted to make any new London/UK Erlang 
> mailing list members aware that since our first "Erl Lounge" about a 
> year ago, a group of us irregularly meet in various watering holes 
> around the capital, discussing message passing, problems with garbage 
> collecting, concurrency, hardships of finding reliable workers, and 
> complaining that they are in constant need of supervision. (The visiting 
> Swedes usually complain over the price of beer in Sweden until they 
> realize the pub closes at 11 and that the beer is actually more 
> expensive here).
> We are meeting again next Wednesday the 28th, 7PM at the Lowlander in 
> central London. Let me know if you can make it as the place is popular 
> so we need to book a table. So far, Seven of us have committed. If you 
> can not make it this time around, but want to be informed of similar 
> nights out, drop me a line.
> Details: 7PM @ the Lowlander, 36 Drury Lane, London WC2 (In front of the 
> New London Theater, closest tube Convent Garden)
> Map:  
> Review: 
> Regards to all,
> Francesco

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