Jungerl changes: autoconf mods, gd1_drv driver

Scott Lystig Fritchie fritchie@REDACTED
Wed May 14 19:10:56 CEST 2003

>>>>> "p" ==   <peter@REDACTED> writes:

p> I had a look at gif-1.0 in the user contrib page, but that supported
p> only an early version on gd (the one that supported gifs).

GIF support was removed from GD a while ago due to patent
encumberance.  It now supports PNG, JPEG, XPM (limited, I think), and
a couple of internal-use-only formats.

p> Does gd1_drv suppport all functions in the latest version of gd?

I confess that I have not taken a look at the 2.x branch to see what
new stuff has been added or if any of the "old" functions have had
their signatures or semantics change.  A quick look at the GD
announcements suggests that 2.0.12 added, "clipping, antialiased line
drawing, character set specification for freetype, optional
specification of PNG compression level...."

gd1_drv supports GD version 1.8.4, the last in the 1.x branch.  Here's
a list of functions it supports:

    gdImageArc gdImageBlue gdImageBoundsSafe gdImageChar gdImageCharUp
    gdImageColorAllocate gdImageColorClosest gdImageColorDeallocate
    gdImageColorExact gdImageColorResolve gdImageColorTransparent
    gdImageColorsTotal gdImageCompare gdImageCopy gdImageCopyMerge
    gdImageCopyMergeGray gdImageCopyResized gdImageCreate
    gdImageCreateFromGd gdImageCreateFromGd2 gdImageCreateFromGd2Part
    gdImageCreateFromJpeg gdImageCreateFromPng gdImageCreateFromXpm
    gdImageDestroy gdImageFill gdImageFillToBorder gdImageFilledPolygon
    gdImageFilledRectangle gdImageGd gdImageGd2 gdImageGd2Ptr gdImageGdPtr
    gdImageGetInterlaced gdImageGetPixel gdImageGetTransparent
    gdImageGreen gdImageInterlace gdImageJpeg gdImageJpegFILE
    gdImageJpegPtr gdImageLine gdImagePaletteCopy gdImagePng
    gdImagePngFILE gdImagePngPtr gdImagePolygon gdImageRectangle
    gdImageRed gdImageSX gdImageSY gdImageSetBrush gdImageSetPixel
    gdImageSetStyle gdImageSetTile gdImageString gdImageStringUp
    gdImageWBMP gdImageWBMPPtr getFontPtr

If anyone wants support for version 2.x, let me know.  Otherwise, I
don't have immediate plans to look at it.


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