help using Inets and ESP

Samuel Rivas samuel@REDACTED
Wed May 7 08:54:00 CEST 2003

>  Hi!
>  I have a interesting question....
>  I?m developing a web interface in esp to access mnesia running under inets,
>  and I would like to have control of the user logged in the system. So I
>  need to define session variable to manage the active user in the system.
>   So here is my question:
>  Anybody knows if Inets supports session variables? (like apache)
>  If support, then how i define one?
>  if not, anybody know a trick or tip to simulate a session variable looking
>  my case? I suppose that someone must need it sometime? any kind of help
>  it'll be great!
>  thanks in advance...gabriel!

You've to manage the session by yourself, take a look to
http//, there is a complete example of
an inets application managing user sessions. You could 
create the user session with cookies as it's done on
btt and store the user info on an ets table.

Hope it helps.

|	Samuel        |

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