proyecto Erlang

Clara Benac Earle cb47@REDACTED
Fri May 2 12:41:40 CEST 2003

Dear Victor, 

Thank you for the comments and all the additional
information. We are working on a new version of
the proposal and we hope to send it to you as soon
as possible.

Besides, I would like you ask you something. On
your email you mention:

> In addition, as you suggested, I asked our private partner (the cable
> network operator) if they were interested in taking part in this
> project; even though they are reluctant as becoming an active part of
> the project, they agreed on signing a letter of interest on the
> project and offering resources for experimentation.

We were not really sure about what "offering
resources for experimentation" means. Could you be
more specific so that we can put it in the

Thank you,

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