problem using bif now().

mark.geib@REDACTED mark.geib@REDACTED
Thu May 1 16:38:03 CEST 2003

I am writing my first production erlang program and need to measure the
duration of calls hitting a server. I am using the bif now() to get the
mega-seconds, seconds and micro-seconds from a base time reference.

The problem is this. The following code fragment causes the CPU useage
to continually increase, eventually consuming all the CPU on the

{MSec,Sec,MicoSec} = erlang:now(),
Read_time = (Msec*1000000)+Sec+(MicoSec/1000000),

but the following does not have the problem.

{MSec,Sec,MicoSec} = erlang:now(),
Read_time = Sec+(MicoSec/1000000),

However, now about every 12 days the seconds values wraps back to zero.

Is this a bug that should be reported, or is there a problem in my

I am running erlang R9B-0 on Linux Redhat 7.3.

Cheyenne Software Engineering
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