Extending Functionality: gen_server_ext

Vlad Dumitrescu (EAW) <>
Fri Mar 21 13:14:53 CET 2003


>   vlad> What we are talking about here about extendig Erlang, is 
>   vlad> not really about the language, but about OTP. 
> Changing the meaning of a function call is not about changing OTP. It
> is changing the language. You can no longer be sure that the code
> executed by a call to foo:bar() can be found in the module foo.
> That is a big new uncertainty.

Of course not all ideas are necessary right, it's more like a brainstorming. The idea of automatically dispatching to some other module any call to an undefined function is a little older (in the context) and for what I am concerned I am already past it. 

I thought Martin's remark was about the latest topics, where I talked about extending behaviours.


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