monitor and update an object collaboratively

Vance Shipley <>
Thu Mar 20 21:21:09 CET 2003

You can do the global locking with global:

It'll be up to your application(s) to respect the locks so if you want
to allow read access you just do.  Preventing write access is a matter
of respecting the locks (i.e. requesting a lock first).


On Thu, Mar 20, 2003 at 02:49:07PM -0500, HP Wei wrote:
}    Is there an example of codes for doing the following ?
}    An object (a file contents, a drawing board etc)
}    is monitored by many users on different nodes.
}    Each user can modify the object.
}    At that time of modification by one user,
}    all others can only 'see' but not be able to modify the object.
}  thanks,
}  HP

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