inspecting the call stack from a program (was: Re: Extending Functionality: an expedient and questionable approa ch)

Shawn Pearce <>
Wed Mar 19 20:17:17 CET 2003

Chris Pressey <> wrote:
> Sorry... I should have been more specific.  I meant - a way for a program
> to inspect the call stack.
> I'm currently using this function:
>   call_stack() ->
>     {'EXIT', {Error, CallStack}} = (catch 1 = 2),
>     tl(CallStack).
> I find this useful in conjunction with e.g. logging (e.g. in
> /jungerl/lib/ce/src/ce_log.erl)
> It's just that the "(catch 1 = 2)" strikes me as, uhm, ungraceful :)

So then use

     {'EXIT', {Error, CallStack}} = (catch 1 = undefined),


This is like the old Java trick of throwing an exception, catching it,
printing it to a stream, parsing the stream to locate the text of
the method you want, and pulling that back into a variable.  Oh wait,
its still cleaner in Erlang.


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